Desta Electricals (india)

Isolation Transformer

The modern machines and system need a truly isolated clean power in which any electrical disturbance in the primary side is effectively not passed on to secondary side. Therefore, we have come up with an Isolation Transformer that ensures total electrical and electro static isolation with most effective screening of spikes, surge and transients. Further, our Isolation Transformer gives a true isolated local neutral and dedicated earth, which is essential for modern machines. Isolation Transformer, offered by us, provides noise or interference free power and prevents transfer, RF and HF disturbances with extensive isolation between primary and secondary. The isolation level with stand HV break down strength of 2.5KV and give DC galvanic isolation of more than 1000M Ohms. There is a common problem of non availability or missing of power neutral at some sites. At those sites A/C does not start as voltage is not developed between the phase and weak or missing neutral. Thus we have designed Isolation Transformer to get rid of these problems. In our Isolation transformer, a new neutral is generated, which is healthy, perfect and has no connection with the neutral of electricity supply. The generation of new neutral eliminates the scope of imbalance that helps in the smooth working of the A/C compressor and machine.


ParameterSingle Phase UnitThree Phase Unit
Input Voltage Range230V / 240V400V / 415V
Nominal Output Voltage230V / 240V400V / 415V
System ConstructionDelta / Star
Vector GroupDYN 1:1
Common mode noise rejection25 db
Transient, Spikes, Surges, Coupling Capacitance.012PF
DG Galvanic Isolation1000M-Ohm
Break Down Strength2500VAC for 2 minutes
Load Regulation3-5%
CoolingONAN or Air
Class InsulationF
CopperElectrolytic grade 99.9% PURE
StandersIS : 2026