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Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Continuous stable supply of AC Power is the life line of any sophisticated and electrical system. The performance of these instruments is optimum level at the rated voltage. Low voltage generally reduces the efficiency, and very low voltage can force the system to shut down. High voltage shortens the life and can burn the instrument. We offer Servo Voltage Stabilizers that receive a wide range of fluctuating AC voltage and deliver constant Output voltage with in ± 1%of the nominal voltage. Therefore, our Servo Voltage Stabilizers are an excellent remedy for the problems of wide fluctuation. Servo Voltage Stabilizers, supplied by us, help in maintaining the efficiency as high as 98-99%. The output voltage stability of our Servo Voltage Stabilizers allows the optimum drawing of the current by the connected load and as such no extra power is consumed at low as well at high voltage. Our Servo Voltage Stabilizers help in saving electric power to approximately 20% and reduce MDI.

Salient Features
  • Wave Shape distortion-nil.
  • 98%-99% efficiency being achieved by optimum design and by use of high quality CRGO lamination and 99.9% pure copper.
  • Immune to load PF and supply frequency variation.
  • Power losses 2% maximum.
  • Duty cycle continuous.
  • Life expectancy 15-20 yrs.
  • Operation-Auto/Manual.
  • Control through Micro Processor Controller/IC based solid state plug in type glass epoxy control Card.
  • High quality EHV grade oil as per IS-335.
  • Reference Standard IS-9815, IS-2026.

  • Computer Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Xerox Centers
  • EDP Centers
  • Hotels
  • Process Industries
  • Cement Plants
  • Rubber Industries
  • Distilleries & Beverages
  • Paper Mills
  • Engineering Units
  • Cold Storages
  • Food Processing Units
  • Oil and Vanaspati Plants
  • Rolling Mills
  • Footwear & Leather Units
  • Textile Mills

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    Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer
    We are a trustworthy Manufacturer & Supplier of Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer. To make Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer, we use quality material and the latest technology. The Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer that we provide conforms to the industry specified norms and is widely used in varied sectors of industries.

    Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

    Our expertise lies in making available Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer. Fabricated using sound parts and components, our Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer is highly reliable and professional in operation. The Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer that we provide gives constant output, and thus widely demanded in the